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She prayed to find Mr. Right… but this has to be wrong.

Is asking for a commitment-minded man too much? Laura Daniels didn’t think so, but after wasting too many years on too many losers she’s giving up hope. That is until a chance encounter with a childhood friend sparks some new feelings. He’s exactly the kind of man she wants: sweet, funny, handsome…Except Heaven help her, he’s a priest - the new interim priest at her church. Worse, despite his vow, he has feelings for her and struggles with the pain-staking guilt of believing she could be his one true love, while Laura’s heart is torn between her lifelong love for God and her newfound love for Father Carl. 

It will take nothing short of a miracle to find a happy ending.

The Priest and the Princess is a very compelling and well-written story filled with soul searching, hope, and a bit of wry humor! A wonderfully quick-paced read that will leave you wanting more from author Kathryn Kaufmann.

"I truly loved this book. It is a quick read and held my interest from beginning to end. Having grown up Catholic, I learned a lot of things about the priesthood that I didn't even realize. I think it would make a great movie. I highly recommended it. You won't be disappointed!"

-Patti, Amazon customer

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